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The biggest milled log house in Estonia was built in 2008. In the past the present Guest House Vehendi Motel was called Otsa farmhouse that during the Soviet period was a popular summer cottage for various companies. It means that in times a lot of people have been accommodated and entertained here. The 2-stroy log house enables to provide accommodation up to 42 people. The are 21 double rooms altogether, 2 of them are suites. In addition, 28 people can be accommodated at summer cottages (they are rented, if the house has all rooms booked). On the ground floor of the main house there is a party hall for up to 70 people.

The sauna is definitely the best place for relax. The steam room holds up to 10 people at a time. After steaming you have an opportunity to cool  yourself in a cool pool and have a nice conversation in the lounge of the sauna.

We are situated on the East bank of Lake Võrtsjärv. Lake Võrtsjärv is just a 15-minutes walk from the main house and there is public beach and swimming area. So there are a number of possibilities for leisure time activities related to watwr and the lake. The lake is second in size in Estonia and offers many different and interesting challenge and entertainment.

Guest House Vehendi Motel offers your private holiday with your family or friends. The entire complex is at your service for a wedding, company event or jubilees´ party.


* Visit us and discover Lake Võrtsjärv!

* Spend a memorable holiday with your family and friends!

* Dear Managers! Arrange memorable Company´s Summer Days for your employees at Vehendi Motel!

* Dear lovers! Your wedding reception at Vehendi Motel will be memorable not only to you but for your guests as well!

* Lake Võrtsjärv - amazing discovery!



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